Zulutrade Results of 6 Demo Test of 18 Systems From May 24, 2010 to June 20, 2010 With Settings

Here is my latest demo test of 5 different demos from Zulutrade. After many months of demo testing, I have been able to narrow down by trial and error the best producing systems. However one thing I have noticed is that certain system pro will need custom stop losses set by you. You will have losses with certain system providers if you use the same stop loss for all system providers.

Click here to download my detailed analysis of this demo test and past demo tests in an Excel spreadsheet.

Account Settings  Stop Loss  MarginMeter Pips Gained
DM006179 1 and 1  200  97% -285
DM041759 1 and 1 300 120% 168
DM042128 1 and 1 400 141% 690
DM234379 1 and 1 500 159% 1,300
DM473370 2 and 1 300 225% 676

What do you think of the above results? Email me.

I would love to hear your input and feedback. Let’s collaborate!

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Miami, FL
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I am a Realtor here in Miami, FL who inadvertently found a new career trading forex due to the housing bubble in 2008. The purpose of my blog is to share ideas using Zulutrade and collaborate with other serious forex traders.
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